AutoCAD 2013 is a third release, and every third release of AutoCAD has a new file format. AutoCAD 2013 DWG files are not backward compatible with previous versions of AutoCAD, although you can ‘save them back’ if you don’t mind loosing the associativity of your new model documentation views.

The really big news for AutoCAD 2013 is that these tools have made it into AutoCAD. Creating drawings of your 3D models with AutoCAD has never been easier. And you can even use AutoCAD to document 3D models from other CAD packages. You can even reference 3D model files – you don’t even have to bring the model into AutoCAD.

AutoDesk AutoCAD delivers leading documentation tools built upon nearly 30 years of experience. Import models from a wide variety of other formats and automatically generate intelligent documentation.
Create cinematic-quality rendered animations. Simulate lighting analyses while modifying the visual settings and environment in real time.
The AutoCAD user interface has been enhanced to provide a more seamless interaction with the software. You’ll find a more flexible command line, additional contextual ribbon tabs, and more objects with multi-functional grips.

AutoCAD 2013
AutoCAD 2013 Tutorial  First Level 2D
AutoCad 2013 64bit x-force Patch
AutoCad 2013 32bit x-force Patch
AutoCad 2013 x-force Patch for MAC
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AutoCAD software is used by architects, CAD technicians, designers, engineers, project managers, and CAD/IT managers in a variety of industries, including the manufacturing, building, civil, and mapping industries.Get the benefits of more cloud computing capabilities and capacity, upgrades to the latest software releases, online technical support, and flexible licensing privileges with Autodesk Subscription.

Third-party applications built for previous versions of AutoCAD and based on ActiveX® and ObjectARX® developer tools require upgrades to be compatible with AutoCAD 2013. Check with your application developer/supplier regarding availability of applications built for AutoCAD 2013.

AutoCAD 2013 download software introduces an updated file format to accommodate technology and performance improvements in the software. AutoCAD 2013 enables you to save drawings in a wide variety of other formats.
AutoCAD 2013 reads drawing files from all previous versions of AutoCAD software. AutoCAD 2013 has a built-in Save As function, so you can save drawings to and from AutoCAD releases using the AutoCAD Release 14, 2000, 2004, 2007, and 2010 DWG formats.

Speed projects from concept to completion with the powerful documentation tools in AutoCAD 2013. Minimize repetitive tasks and accelerate yourworkflow. Import 3D models directly into AutoCAD 2013 and instantly create intelligent 2D views. No matter your project’s size or scope, AutoCAD software can help you meet the challenge.
Autodesk has been bringing efficiencies to your design process for almost 30 years. AutoCAD software is a world-leading design and documentation solution that helps drive design innovation for companies of all sizes in almost all industries.
AutoCAD 2013 software offers a broad toolset that helps you drive efficiencies throughout the drafting and documentation process, regardless of your particular industry.

Hundreds of enhancements help speed your documentation workflow, including Section and Details View for imported models, Property Edit Preview, and Viewport Change Preview. The updated interface includes a more flexible command line and more multifunction grips. You also can automatically infer constraints in real time as you draw, virtually eliminating the need to define all of your object relationships manually

In order to become effective and efficient in using a CAD system, we must learn to create geometric entities quickly and accurately. In learning to use a CAD system, lines and circles are the first two, and perhaps the most important two, geometric entities that one should master the skills of creating and modifying. Straight lines and circles are used in almost all technical designs. In examining the different types of planar geometric entities, the importance of lines and circles becomes obvious just Follow the Above resource are link to get knowledge about these things.
You can design and shape the world around you with the powerful, flexible features found in AutoCAD software, one of the world’s leading 2D and 3D design software products. Powerful tools for design aggregation help connect and streamline your design and documentation workflows. Import and aggregate models from almost any format, and quickly create detailed design layouts and drawing views that automatically update when the source model changes.